Visit Crowdfund Land – New Real Estate Crowdfunding Site

Visit our new real estate site and service.

Real Estate Crowdfunding is exhibiting massive growth around the world.  Projections are for a $250B industry by 2020 vs. the $2.8B raised via real estate crowdfunding in 2015 (Massolutions). We launched our new service to create new access for investors to.

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Crowdfunding’s New Store: Amazon Adds Kickstarter

Kickstarter Collection on Amazon Launch Pad

This post by CEO Bret Conkin first appeared in Investopedia August 1, 2016. The go-to-market strategy for successfully crowdfunded product start-ups just became easier with a recent partnership between Amazon (AMZN) and Kickstarter. (For more on Kickstarter see Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Coming to BC:

Crowdfunding real estate projects coming to BC

Part I of II originally published in (Real Estate Weekly). The Sharing Economy is in the news, disrupting traditional industries such as hotels (AirBnB) and taxis (Uber), the latter in many cities like Edmonton and Toronto, if not yet.

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Five Biggest Equity Crowdfunding Mistakes

A guest post by Nathan Rose, Assemble Advisory. The story is familiar, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. It’s the story of the failed offer. Founders pour money down the drain through video, public relations, legal and advisory fees. They.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Workshop Deck for GVHBA

Real Estate Crowdfunding Statistics

In 2015, approximately $2.6B was raised in real estate crowd funding offerings outside of Canada, primarily in the US. The majority of funds raised were for residential property development, and fix and flips. Crowd funding is relatively new to Canada..

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Real Estate Crowdfunding & Lending: GVHBA Event April 6

Special Guest Speakers: Bret Conkin and Alixe Cormick

We are pleased to announce that CrowdfundSuite Chief Evangelist Bret Conkin and legal and financing expert Alixe Cormick of Venture Law Corp will be co-keynoting the upcoming AGM for the Greater Vancouver Home.

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The Unicorns of 2015

Once a mythical creature in literature, a Unicorn is now a venture capital term for startup tech firms with valuations of US$1 billion or more. These valuations seem mythical; however, a whole herd of unicorns, 145,.

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Canadian Crowdfunding Summit – March 3rd – Join Us

Join us at the Foremost Destination for Leaders in the Canadian Crowdfunding Economy on March 3! CrowdfundSuite Chief Evangelist Bret Conkin will be one of the featured speakers. The 2nd annual 2016 Canadian Crowdfunding Summit (#CCS2016) attracts Canadian.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding in Canada Primer | Part III

Nexus Crowd Equity Crowdfunding

Real estate investment is a consistently hot news topic.  Open any newspaper or news website in Canada and coverage of the real estate market is easy to find, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto.  Fortunes are made investing in residential and.

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Equity Crowdfunding in Canada Primer: Part II of III

By Bret Conkin and Alixe Cormick

In this three-part series, we examine whether “conservative” Canadian business culture is having a negative effect on equity crowdfunding taking hold in Canada. In Part I of this series we took a.

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