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Clarity. Traction. Growth.

In your world, is the word “busy” an understatement?

We’re here to help. CrowdfundSuite is a full-service agency dedicated to growing your business.

Our origins began in crowdfunding, and although we are now regarded by many as the experts in this specialized capital raise technique, we do much more than just crowdfunding. We offer a complete suite of services to help you gain back the clarity, the capacity, and the growth strategy you need so that you can finally take your business to the next level.

If you’re experiencing business limits or capacity issues, we can help.



Your business drives our vision

We’re all about helping clients prosper. For more than 10 years, businesses from a wide range of industries have selected CrowdfundSuite as their No. 1 choice for consulting, mentorship, advisory, and campaign execution.


Fund Your Business

We work with you to explore the various types of funding (equity, pre-order, rewards, debt, and more) to pinpoint exactly which type best fits your business—and help you achieve your capital raise needs.

We’ll help you understand and plan your pre- and post-campaign launch essentials to maximize your fundability—and even determine the most suitable timing for your funding venture.

Engage with CrowdfundSuite and together, we’ll yield results through:

Campaign Planning
Campaign Execution
Post-Campaign Optimization



Grow Your Business

We’ll help you truly engage with your targetted communities through proven marketing methods, from digital marketing to lead generation. You will be able to automate your marketing and operational systems and protect your business from unforeseen challenges.

Key areas where we can help your grow your business:

Develop Customized Marketing Strategies
Build Your Community
Protect Your Business
Automate & Scale to Gain Back Capacity


Suite of Services

Explore a complete selection of services—from engaging storytelling to alternative finance strategies to going public.

Advisory + Support
Business Planning
Marketing & Digital Marketing
Product-Market Fit Validation
Market Research

Investor Pitch Decks
Campaign & Product Video Production
Content & Copywriting
PR/Stakeholder Strategy & Communications
Systems Optimization
Investor Relations


What our clients are saying about us

We worked with CrowdfundSuite on research and a strategy to raise $2M USD for our medical device. We have now exceeded our goal and CrowdfundSuite was a key part of our success. Their turn-key content creation, digital marketing, PR, video co-creation and campaign management let us focus on building our business.
Rob Buckley

VP, Strategy, VoCare

I collaborated with Bret on the upcoming launch of a new dealer and new platform for crowd finance. His fintech expertise, broad skill set and drive helped us innovate while still getting stuff done in a timely fashion.
Aman Jain

CCO, Altfi Capital

Bret is an absolute professional & it is a pleasure recommending him … He’s a recognized crowdfunding expert & advocate in North America & a valued asset and leading ambassador to the Canadian crowdfunding industry.‬
Craig Asano‪‬

ED, National Crowdfunding Association of Canada‬


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