Grow Your Business


Identify the gaps

Lack of leads? Low competitive edge? Impacts from COVID-19? We begin by helping you to identify the exact challenges your business is facing as the starting point for your growth roadmap. We then find for you relevant success models to emulate.

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Bret Conkin presenting the Dragon’s Den Golden Ticket to a pitch
competition winner at VanFunding 2018.


Grow your communities

Our expertise will help you develop and optimize your marketing tactics to:

• Grow your audience database and create informative audience profiles
• Capture the interests of the right customers
• Increase your social media following
• Build brand awareness

We offer opportunities for you to gain and continue building the social proof that makes your brand more memorable. For later-stage firms, we can offer assistance every step of the way towards IPO or pursue other options for going public and gaining liquidity.


Protect your business

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as sudden market fluctuations, can make tremendous, long-term impacts on organizations of all sizes. All businesses need solid, yet flexible, systems to help sustain their growth during unexpected changes. You can lean on us to provide consulting services, advise you on risk management, identify new strategies to enhance online work, and help create solutions that keep your company financially healthy.


Automate your systems

Efficiency is an integral part of our approach to problem-solving. Your company’s ability to develop appropriate SOPs (standard operating procedures), clear systems for your teams, and self-running marketing funnels will save you time, money, and human resources. We can help automate these with you.


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