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At CrowdfundSuite, we have helped our clients raise over $50 Million USD since 2008. Our community capital experience, combined with your craft, will empower your business to reach new heights. We will guide and support you every step of the way, help you raise funds and build a community of loyal customers, all at the same time.


You may have heard of them: Beer for Life, Mug Clubs, distillery experiences, wine events and other rewards programs can successfully raise significant amounts of capital. Brewdog raised over $441 million through their Equity for Punks program – a significant portion was raised from their Beer for Life rewards offer. Brewdog may be a unicorn, but the potential for other craft beverage makers certainly exists!

We can help you devise a strategic reward offering that will harness the power of community engagement, generate new revenue streams, and cultivate brand advocacy.

Imagine being able to create rewards that:

  • Enhance loyalty
  • Increase revenue
  • Create community, by offering:
  • Exclusive experiences
  • Personalized rewards
  • Tracking rewards through the latest tech applications


Craft beverages have seen remarkable growth recently, driven by a surge in demand for unique brews. Craft brewers, renowned for their innovation, often face financing challenges, prompting the rise of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding offers several benefits for brewers:

  • It fosters community support
  • provides seed capital
  • validates market interest
  • enhances marketing exposure
  • encourages collaboration

By leveraging crowdfunding, brewers can engage directly with their passionate community, secure essential funds, validate their products, and foster long-term growth.


We have been working with CrowdfundSuite on an upcoming capital campaign to fuel our growth in 2024. I have been impressed by their strategic approach based on the best practices of other successful campaigns in the craft spirits space to help ensure we have a well-rounded, successful campaign.  They have provided helpful insights and direction into the necessary elements of a successful raise (i.e., digital marketing, PR, social media and events).  They have been collaborative in helping us zero in on our messaging to help our campaign stand out in the crowd.

I would happily recommend Bret and his team to any organization looking to run a crowdfunding campaign.

Chris Ferg – Co-Founder/Head Distiller

Durham Distillery Ltd.


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