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Selecting the right capital raise strategy or crowdfunding platform most effective for your specific business can feel challenging. Don’t worry—with over 10 years of evaluating the business-campaign platform fit for our previous clients, we are fluent in analyzing and refining your options.

We present you with effective ways to raise capital. As well, we help you determine the investment strategy or type of crowdfunding that will generate the highest returns for your business. Whether rewards or equity, donation or debt, direct or platform—locally or even cross-border—we will walk you through their advantages and challenges from your company’s standpoint and offer data-directed, thorough insight and recommendations.

And we’re not only about that. Upon your success at acquiring some investment traction, we can help nurture your investor relationships to build even greater confidence and increase public loyalty to your brand.  


Considering going public?

A carefully formulated strategy for road shows (whether in-person or virtual), events, trade shows and related communications are critical to your success.  At CrowdfundSuite, we have the optimal blend of expertise to help you navigate the options available, enabling you to select the best pathway to IPO for your business.  


What we offer you

At CrowdfundSuite, we have worked with clients in both private and public arenas, and in diverse sectors ranging from consumer products to real estate to technology to hospitality—and more. Our selection of services feature:

  • Campaign planning, management, and implementation/launch
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Post-campaign planning, and crowd retention and engagement
  • Post-fundraising investor relations
  • Ongoing public relations management


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