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“Crowdfund Suite has proved to be a very professional and trustworthy company for my team. They will help you on any matter in the shortest span of time possible, and will provide tons of advice as well as very clean and excellent work on any requests. Bret does not only excel in Crowdfunding areas, but also in any web or marketing related challenges that you might face. He has become a key part in the development of my company, and has been very flexible on all the changes I have submitted. They are always willing to meet, to provide advice, and to help on the most transparent way. I recommend him and his services and assure you that you will not be disappointed with his work.

Carlos Hillinger, MG Developers (Luxury Real Estate Developers)

We recently worked with MG Developers, a top real estate developer of luxury properties in Miami, Florida to develop a new website (coming soon) with powerful investor management functionality. This phase will set the stage for the launch of full crowdfunding portal services in a later phase. Great working with them and we appreciate their kind words.

Here is more evidence of the value we provide our clients. Let’s chat today! Contact info@crowdfundsuite.com and profit from alternative finance!

We retained CrowdfundSuite as crowdfunding experts for a new investing platform and they quickly became an integral part of our team. They provided a comprehensive service of strategy, business plans, portal design and build, compliance and anything else we needed. The founding team for our venture are all extremely busy so it was essential to have a go-to guy like Bret with the vision for maximizing our profits. Well done.

Ethan Park, Altfi Capital Inc. (Hedge Fund Director)

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