Amazing media coverage achieved for our client McBarge

We have been gratified with the recent media coverage we have achieved with our PR approach for a very cool client, the McBarge. Extensive television, radio, blog, newspaper and online coverage was delivered on major networks including Global TV, CBC, Vancouver Sun, Victoria Times Colonist and many others.

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The Vancouver Sun even ran a poll to guage interest in visiting the Deep Discovery Centre planned for the McBarge.  A very encouraging 64% of 560 responers said yes at the time of this post. View the poll here.

The McBarge story is unique, a former floating McDonald’s Restaurant, abandoned for almost 30 years now being brought back as a Deep Ocean Discovery Centre! CrowdfundSuite handled all crowdfunding strategy, campaign planning, marketing, public relations and event management.

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Here is an excerpt from CBC News:

CBC News coverage on McBarge

The hulking 57-metre vessel has been sitting in a secure yard on the Fraser River in Maple Ridge for the last two years, having two decades’ worth of graffiti and damage from illicit partiers wiped away.

The McBarge last saw legal visitors in 1986, during its famous stint as a McDonald’s restaurant.

But owner Howard Meakin and diving industry pioneer Phil Nuytten want to open the hatches once again. They plan to transform the McBarge into the “Deep Ocean Discovery Centre,” a floating display of vintage diving technology and interactive exhibits about the Pacific Ocean.

“We want people to love the ocean, and before you can love something, you have to know about it,” Nuytten told CBC News.

One idea would see television screens connected to underwater cameras stationed in various locations around Metro Vancouver, so visitors can get a closer look at sponge reefs off Whytecliff Park or cruise ships travelling under Lions Gate Bridge.

The centre would also be home to Nuytten’s vast collection of antique submersibles, diving suits and other equipment, as well as his company’s atmospheric diving system the Newtsuit, and high-tech successor the Exosuit.

That collection features several groundbreaking pieces of equipment developed in British Columbia, including the Pisces-class submarines and Atlantis Submarines’ tourist submersibles.

“It’s very well known in the global underwater community, as we call ourselves, that B.C. is a sort of cutting edge technology centre, a mecca — but almost nobody in B.C. seems to know that,” Nuytten said.

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