What To Know About StartEngine

StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform used by businesses to raise capital for their ventures. Having raised over $500 million for companies and having taken a major market share, StartEngine is one of the leading platforms when it comes to crowdfunding. Here are some things you should know.


Platform Fees

  • 7% of amount raised, plus another 2% of what was raised in equity
  • Another $10,000 in deferred revenue when the offering ends


  • Heavily into tech and development
  • Kevin O’Leary aproves!


  • Disclosing – articles of incorporation and board resolution, as well as information about the business and its key executives
  • Verified financials over the past two years if raising over $100K – over $1M you need full financial audit
  • There is an application and approval process for your company

Success & Sizing

  • $650M Raised in CF raises, 750 Rounds Funded
  • 1 Million + members 
  • ~29 % market share in 2022 in Reg CF raises

Notable Raises

  • Boxabl: Raised over $4.9M USD with over $100M crowdfunded total
  • Jet Token: Raised over $6.6M USD and still funding – $124M valuation
  • Spero CBD: Raised over $1M USD

General Notes

  • Launch in 4-6 weeks after applied
  • Also does Reg A raises
  • StartEngine does not help raise funds with companies that directly touch or manipulate the marijuana, plant, seed, or fiber.
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