All You Need To Know About Equity Crowdfunding On Republic

Republic is one of the most known and credited crowdfunding platforms in North America with over 2.5M members and $1.5 billion raised. Here are some things to know if you are thinking about raising on Republic.

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Platform Fees

  • 6% cash, 2% Crowdsafe
  • Only pay if you successfully reach the minimum funding goal


  • Focused in Tech/ Crypto (Web 3.0) Sectors
  • Fintech and Enterprise modernization


  • You need to have good standing and capital
  • Require either 2 years of reviewed or audited financials
  • Looking for traction (e.g. $100k committed) and strategy
    • If pre-revenue they look at user base – 15k-20k list

Success & Sizing

  • Over $800M in funds deployed for over 600 companies.
  • 1.5 Million members
  • ~19 % market share in 2022 in Reg CF raises


  • Skybound: Currently raising over $11.5M USD – $500M valuation
    • The company behind The Walking Dead and Invincible
  • Gumroad: Raised $5M in 12 hours of listing – $100M valuation cap
  • 18.21 Drinks: Raised over $275K – cannabis infused beverages

General Notes

  • 5 Month runway to launch with only a 60 day campaign duration
  • Only accepts 2% of companies, lots of DD
  • Avg raise is $500k
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