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platform crowdfunding


We provide platform development, white label solutions, systems integration, branding, conversion and activation services.



We help brokers, dealers, funds, real estate companies and others identify and deliver opportunities in Alternative Finance.

entrepreneur crowdfunding


We provide expert help with platform selection and Rewards, Equity & Debt campaigns and promotion. Over $40M funded!



We assist financial advisors, institutions and investors in discovery of attractive returns from the alternative asset class.

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globe and mail“Investing in start-ups has been limited to accredited investors. Crowdfunding is about to change that…”

itbusiness“CrowdfundSuite to help businesses navigate pools of alternative funding…”

techvibes“We’re by far Canada’s largest crowdfunding platform…”

vancouversun“Politicians turn to crowdfunding for campaign cash…”

software advice“Three and a half years later, Bret Conkin is no less dedicated…”

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Learn about our Real Estate Crowdfunding Services at CrowdfundLand.co

Visit Crowdfund Land - New Real Estate Crowdfunding Site

Real Estate Crowdfunding is exhibiting massive growth around the world.  Projections are for a $250B industry by 2020 vs. the $2.8B raised via real estate crowdfunding in 2015 (Massolutions). We launched our new service to create new access for investors to this exciting asset class, powerful new capital raising strategies and technology solutions for real estate firms like developers, builders,

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Crowdfunding's New Store: Amazon Adds Kickstarter

This post by CEO Bret Conkin first appeared in Investopedia August 1, 2016. The go-to-market strategy for successfully crowdfunded product start-ups just became easier with a recent partnership between Amazon (AMZN) and Kickstarter. (For more on Kickstarter see How to Run a Kick Butt Kickstarter Campaign.) A Kickstarter Collection is now available under Amazon's Launchpad page. It features over

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Image courtesy REW.ca

Real Estate Crowdfunding Coming to BC: REW.ca

Part I of II originally published in REW.ca (Real Estate Weekly). The Sharing Economy is in the news, disrupting traditional industries such as hotels (AirBnB) and taxis (Uber), the latter in many cities like Edmonton and Toronto, if not yet BC. While the BC real estate industry has adopted many new technologies like virtual tours, this innovation has unfolded slowly to date for real estate finan

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Five Biggest Equity Crowdfunding Mistakes

A guest post by Nathan Rose, Assemble Advisory. The story is familiar, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. It’s the story of the failed offer. Founders pour money down the drain through video, public relations, legal and advisory fees. They waste countless hours of preparation time over many weeks and months. The offering that they had such high hopes for doesn’t reach its target amount

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CrowdfundSuite CEO Bret Conkin on CBC TV's The Exchange News Show

CrowdfundSuite on CBC News: Crowdfunding for Business

Crowdfunding fills lending need for Small Businesses The interest in peer lending and equity crowdfunding for business have skyrocketed with the new Startup Crowdfunding Exemptions in 6 provinces in Canada and the huge traction in the UK and the US for businesses turning to alternative finance to fund their growth. This video interview featuring CrowdfundSuite CEO Bret Conkin appeared on leadin

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