VoCare achieves oversubscription at $2.4M through partnership with CrowdfundSuite

VoCare has developed the world’s first mobile multi-diagnostic remote patient monitoring device: the Vitals360. This 6-in-1 compact medical technology can remotely monitor, diagnose, and provide clinical indicators for the vitals of patients living with persistent health conditions,
including diabetes and hypertension.

Given the “doctor’s-office-in-your-pocket” device’s practical application before and during these pandemic times, the Vitals360 has garnered high global distributor attention and interest. In 2019, VoCare was recognized as a “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in USA” Award. Currently, VoCare is progressing very well towards FDA approval and subsequent sales.

In 2018, VoCare partnered with CrowdfundSuite to help raise capital for the Vitals360 launch. Robert Buckley, Chief Strategy Officer of VoCare, shared his experience of working with CrowdfundSuite:

“In working with CrowdfundSuite, we successfully exceeded our original funding goal of $2 million USD—we were oversubscribed at $2.4 million.

“The CrowdfundSuite team provided a comprehensive set of services that directly impacted our success. They quickly got up to speed on the industry, offered valuable insight, and demonstrated their expert knowledge in the domain of raising capital. Their guidance and advice helped us develop a robust, organized capital campaign strategy that brought our project through key milestones.

“Through careful planning and implementation, the CrowdfundSuite team generated content that refined our story, accurately represented our brand, clearly articulated our offering, and demonstrated our values and vision. Their campaigns delivered assets that regularly informed and secured the confidence of the accredited investors who, in our campaign, made the Vitals360 a reality. Always flexible with an ability to hit key milestones, they also offer great value and truly work as partners in our business.

“Currently, we have further engaged the CrowdfundSuite team to support us in preparing for our next milestone: a successful IPO in 2021. We are confident in continuing our collaborative effort in achieving this next step in our company’s plans. We would recommend CrowdfundSuite to any entrepreneur or organization looking for reliable and insightful expertise so they can gain traction or meet their growth targets. The professionalism and in-depth knowledge from the CrowdfundSuite team can bring any good project to the right investor or target audience, and help take it ultimately to market.”

At CrowdfundSuite, our clients’ needs are always our top priority—and we work to not just hit milestones, but surpass them.

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