The rise of Alternative Funding

Raising capital is hard. The financial meltdown in 2008 made it harder. The Crowd has helped fill the funding gap via Rewards Crowdfunding platforms like FundRazr and Kickstarter and now equity and debt platforms too. In fact, projections for 2015 are for a $34B global crowdfunding industry (source: Massolutions). This trend is driven by many factors. Dealers, funds, real estate companies and investors are discovering the huge opportunity this creates for them.

The landscape is complex

How do you understand your options?
How can you benefit as a platform, dealer or investor?
How do you select a platform?
What funding model fits best?
What are the keys to a successful campaign?

New securities laws in US and Canada for non-accredited investors; dozens of new platforms; and new models like equity crowdfunding, peer to business lending and real estate crowdfunding can make it hard to navigate this new space. The good news is there has never been a better time to raise capital. Learn more.

Crowdfund Suite is here to help

We have helped raise over $40M since 2012 and helped leading platforms, dealer-brokers and other industry stakeholders develop effective portals, strategies and solutions to participate in the boom. We also help entrepreneurs and investors with funding and dealflow. Raise money now

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