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Recently, Crowdfundsuite has been working on some exciting projects looking to go live for equity crowdfunding later this year. Although both of these projects are looking to raise capital with some form of equity raise, there are major differences in each project that dictate the particular approach we are taking in the campaign and story building.

Our client Vocare is developing a multi-diagnostic medical device for monitoring patient health. They aim to provide a solution to simplify diagnostic tests and remote patient monitoring for both patients and health practitioners with their Vitals 360 device. As a new medical device in the earlier stages of the product life cycle,  Vocare’s approach would have to focus on investor education on both the issue and the product, in addition to the usual investment metrics.

Wonderfilm, on the other hand, is a publicly traded film company looking for investment in either their company itself or one of their films. Crowdfunding for films have most commonly been rewards-based, however there have been some films funded through revenue-sharing models, or even the companies themselves – most notably, Legion M has seen tremendous success as “the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.” Contrary to Vocare, where the campaign would focus on education, Wonderfilm’s focus would be on community and story-building. With entertainment, there needs to be a real connection with consumers, and the funding campaign must match that.

Though the focuses are different, each project we work with follow similar foundations for building their campaign: an in-depth analysis of similar projects, a carefully-crafted pitch and PR plan to reach and resonate with potential investors, and a solid post-campaign follow-up to keep investors, well, invested! Crowdfundsuite is working on several other projects as well, each with their unique challenges. Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for more updates!

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