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What is Brewfunding?

“Brewfunding” is where craft beverages meets crowdfunding: where marketing meets finance. It is where breweries, micro-distilleries, cider, and wine makers can apply strategic marketing tactics to raise capital, scale a business, while building a community of loyal customers, all at the same time!

At CrowdfundSuite, we specialize in assisting businesses like yours harness the power of crowdfunding to launch successful marketing campaigns so that you too can benefit through this multipurpose, cross-functional approach. 

Community Funding: A Game-Changer for Craft Beverage Companies

Renowned campaigns such as the ones run by BrewDog, Black Hops, Stone Brewing, and the viral “Beer for Life” campaigns, have demonstrated the power of crowdfunding, enabling craft beverage makers to entice backers with captivating rewards in exchange for financial support.

There is no question: community funding has emerged as a strategic marketing game-changer for craft beverage artisans seeking to secure funds, engage with their community, and build a passionate following.


Tap Your Community Capital

Crowdfunding is far more than securing capital in exchange for a small piece of your business. In fact, it can be 100% rewards-based without giving up any equity at all. You can offer your community unique perks like VIP event access, special merchandise, limited-edition releases or experience-based rewards instead, all while retaining full ownership if you choose. The power is yours to decide which strategy best suits your needs.

Equity-based OR rewards-driven:
either way, by tapping into the vast community of craft beverage lovers and passionate investors, you can access the funds needed to supercharge your business’ growth while building an engaged network of loyal supporters.

If you have ever contemplated adding an additional taproom, expanding distribution to other regions, or experimenting with recipes for a greater product range, but you did not believe you could ever acquire the funding to do so, this strategic alternative finance solution could be your answer!


Craft beverage companies that foster a strong sense of community benefit immensely through:

  • Heightened customer loyalty
  • Increased repeat business
  • Stable revenue streams
  • A distinctive market position
  • Crowdfunding acts as the catalyst that enables businesses to:

  • Connect deeply with their customers
  • Strengthen their community bonds
  • Foster loyalty
  • Set themselves apart from the competition
  • Unlock Your Business’ Full Potential Today

    Get ready to unleash your business’ potential and cultivate a die-hard community to help fuel growth!
    This alternative finance solution provides a unique way to market while raising capital at the same time.
    It is a powerful mechanism that, when executed effectively, exposes your business to the right
    customers and supporters who believe in your mission, and who will stand by your brand, time and

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    It lists everything you need to launch a successful campaign.  Consider it as your key to elevating your craft beverage business.


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    success of your campaign.

    Contact us today. Access the funds you need to fuel growth and achieve the success your craft beverage
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