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For Business, Nonprofits and Personal

FundRazr is the easy, effective crowdfunding platform for everyone. Over 40,000 people, groups, and non-profits in 36 countries have raised more than $52,000,000 with FundRazr. You can do it too.

For StartUps, Corporations

​SeedUps Canada is a CrowdFinance platform where ordinary investors can find, evaluate and make direct investment into privately held small to emerging companies seeking growth capital.

For Main Street Businesses

Our vision is simple: Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street.
InvestNextDoor has created the first crowdlending marketplace in North America that enables small businesses to borrow directly from local individual investors. Think Kickstarter but where the supporters actually make money at the same time that borrowers get access to low cost financing all while keeping the money within the local economy!

The New Funding Escalator

“You might use donations at the idea stage, then, you run a perk-based campaign to run a preorder. Afterward, start-ups might use equity crowdfunding to supplant a seed round, where larger investors would have stepped in. Instead of five big funders, a start-up might attract a few hundred small ones. View it as a continuum funding.”

—Bret Conkin, March 2014 issue of ROB Magazine